Friday, January 19, 2007

Would somebody turn on the wireless?

...That's just paperless office talk...

Logan and I bought a new computer a little before Christmas. It was like giving ourselves an early Christmas present with all the boxes and wrappings and connecting up wires to the wrong spots and finding out you needed batteries of a peculiar shape and size before you can really switch the thing on properly and give it a red hot go.

Had problems with the screen first but eventually worked out that as I had installed a new operating system over the top of the one that the shop had used to do the testing I should reinstall all of the drivers for the motherboard, monitor, and all the other bits. It all worked a lot better after that; including the monitor which wasn't so good beforehand with the drivers you could download from their website...

The next mammoth task was to install our new modem. We didn't choose a plain and simple modem. We had to go with something fancy, didn't we? We got a complicated one that is a router and a wireless modem.

This took up an entire weekend.

Logan had to leave the room as he has not my patience (stubbornness?).

I had it going by Sunday night in time for a Skype call to the in-laws in the UK, but it wasn't perfect. Wouldn't turn on properly the next time we turned on the computer. Took me 30 minutes to connect to the internet. There's still something wrong (we have to reboot the router to connect although this takes only 2 minutes) and we're using an Ethernet connection to get by. We're not completely wireless yet. That's this weekend's task.

(Oh, and this weekend we're also having the washing machine fixed. Had to siphon out the water, as it wasn't pumping it out on its own, just in case we have to move it. Used a technique I learned by watching Scooby-Doo - Thelma sure had brains even if she always wore that strange orange confection of an outfit.)

Wish me luck - I'm not really an IT expert and it could all go pear-shaped.

...Where's a good sonic screwdriver when you need one?...


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