Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We are family

Now that we're going O/S the wheels are turning and planned events are slotting themselves into our limited timeline. We are informed that on one occasion we will be eating at The Golden Cross and we are to choose from the set menu. Looks pretty good. I'll probably need to add a restaurant review over here. Mental note to do that from somewhere...

Boo messaged me to say that she found a great deal for Wicked tickets and a meal for the low low price of 20 pound. (Sorry, can't remember right now how to make this thing do a pound sign.) I'm in!!

Choosing what to do in London is proving very difficult as Logan and I will obviously have different things we want to see. We do overlap quite a bit though so I'm sure we'll find a middle ground.

More later...


Blogger sunny29 said...

It seems that you are on a holiday or vacation but in spite of enjoying, you see tensed more regarding all things like food, staying place, according to me when you are on holiday you should forget all the things and live whatever comes to you, cheap or high price just live it.


2/01/2012 09:11:00 pm  

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