Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Should I forget

But if I could, then would you see...

I have been expecting a new cousin this month.

He was due to be born on the 6th of March.

His Mum went to see the doctor on her due date and was told that the baby was, unfortunately, deceased.

He had been alive the previous day but was now gone.

I will not be able to give my baby cousin Riley Victor a cuddle.

I will not be able to change his nappy.

I will not be able to hold his hand and help him walk.

I will not be able to make him smile, kiss his feet, blow raspberries on his tummy, sing to him, teach him to love musicals as much as his Dad would teach him to love cars...

Or watch him grow up.

To my Uncle and his partner, I hope you had the chance to cuddle him, put on his nappy, hold his hand, kiss his feet and tummy, and take a picture of his perfect baby face before you said good-bye.

My heart is sad and my eyes cry for you all.

I love you.

...Or would you go away... from me...


Blogger BEVIS said...

Yeouch. Sorry to hear that.

Particularly in light of my own exciting news, which I've been happily telling all and sundry about this week. Sorry if it's made things even harder.

I hope everyone in your family is doing as well as can be expected.

Terrible stuff.


3/28/2006 03:04:00 pm  
Blogger Riss said...

Thanks, Bevis.

I haven't seen everyone since the event.

Dad said that the ceremony was beautiful but it was awful at the same time. It was hard leaving that little tiny baby coffin behind after the ceremony.

It was nice to hear some good baby news, don't worry.

I just hope everything goes smoothly for you guys.

3/29/2006 08:29:00 am  
Blogger noshie said...

No words. Emotions. Sorry.

3/29/2006 11:32:00 pm  
Blogger MelbourneGirl said...

i'm really sorry to hear this too riss. it must have been heartbreaking for the parents, it's so sad.


4/21/2006 12:01:00 pm  
Blogger Riss said...

Thanks Noshie and MG.

I was watching an ep of William and Mary the other day where a mother was giving birth to a stillborn with Mary's help so I had another good cry over that.

I think that it's one of the most awful things.

4/23/2006 12:27:00 pm  
Anonymous Cam said...

Riss - that's the sadest thing I've ever read. My sincere condolences and prayers to your family.

4/23/2006 09:20:00 pm  

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