Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pear-shaped, it is

...Isn't it funny how you never really screamed at my face...

Well, the washing machine is fixed and it was due to be delivered back to me this morning. (This is my big news for the moment, sorry to be such a sad case.) Having to drive Logan to the train station I told the repair service people that I would be at the house by 8:30am to accept it back into the house, they confirmed that they would be there between 8:30am and 8:45am and I confirmed the amount I was to pay them and that, I thought, was that.

My plan for this morning was to take Logan to the train station, drive back home, finish getting ready for work (I usually have breakfast in my office as I'm usually there before 8:00am), the delivery would happen and I could put all our laundry back in the Laundry before dashing out to the car and being late to work by only about an hour. Possibly could fit in a bit more tidying of the house depending on whether the delivery was a bit later than expected but ultimately wouldn't be too long at home.


I arrived back home at maybe a little before 8:00am (I had left time for possible traffic snarls), parked my car on the street so that they would have access to our back gate, and noticed a strange looking watermark on the drive. The pattern didn't fit the one that my car air conditioning would leave but I didn't think much of it.

So, I go inside, leave the front door open but the screen door closed so that I can hear if anyone knocks on it instead of using the doorbell. I dried my hair, had breakfast, put on my makeup, and it was 8:30. Great. I started doing the washing up from last night's dinner and Logan's lunch preparation. Hmm, 8:45. They're probably running a little late, I thought. I'll just go and open up the back gate and make sure there's a clear path to the Laundry for the machine when they do arrive.

9:15am arrives and I called Logan to say that the machine hadn't arrived. Called work to say that I would be later than I thought I might. I gave the company a call and went through to a messagebank. Left a message with my details saying that I was expecting the delivery at 8:30 and could I please have an ETA on the arrival so that I could let my work know how late I might be.

Kept doing housework but kept running to the front of the house every time I heard a car door; still nothing.

I rang again at about 10:30am and was told that they had already been at 7:45am, hence the water stains I had noticed on the driveway earlier, perhaps? They had hung around for ten minutes and had tried calling me but, of course, I was on the road and wasn't planning on them being there that early!!

Could they deliver at all today? I was thinking, maybe I could take the whole day off work if I needed. No, they only hire the courier once in a day. Right, fair enough. What about tomorrow morning? Again, I can only take delivery after 8:30am. We'll definitely be there. Delivering to someone else in your area at 10:00am so will either be before or after 10:00am. Okay.

So I locked up the house and left for work. Only took me 25 minutes to get there and happily found a free parking spot upon my arrival - bonus! I got to my office at 11:30am and I have to go through it all again tomorrow!!

At least I got the washing up done.

I could get used to a late morning start time...


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