Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Hello, IT... Have you turned it on?"

...Two out of Three ain't bad...

Australia Day tomorrow - bring it on. It's been a bit of a tough week at work. No air conditioning, level of busy-ness goes from crazy to background noise.

I recently started chatting with an ex-neighbour on MySpace. Hi, Poss, if you're reading. All grown up to be a gorgeous-looking young woman. Of course with her extremely fit parents (ex-Commonwealth athlete for a Dad) she was always going to be athletic and slim and terrific-looking. I could never get my head around "going for a run" as an enjoyable past-time but she manages it, I'm sure. I probably should have tried harder instead of reaching for a good book!

The only running I do these days is for the bus.

So, the washing machine arrived without too many hitches. As a precaution I forwarded the home phone to my mobile (now why didn't I think of that before?) although the company doing the delivery did call the house at about 6:45am just to reconfirm everything. When was I leaving? Oh, in about five minutes. And I would be back again, when? After 8:30. I may be earlier but I don't want to say so and then get stuck somewhere. Fair enough.

A lovely bloke dropped it off. I had the doors open and ready, again, and he wheeled it in, connected it up, had a chat about theatre and Cindy from Neighbours and the vet on McLeod's Daughters that he did a course with, as well as a bit of Shakespeare before he trundled his way down the drive again and my pocket is $30 lighter for the experience. (Have to say - $30 is a bit of a bargain to have a washing machine fixed.)

So guess what I'll be doing on Australia Day... I feel that it will need a good workout after its 10-day holiday and I think it's probably time to save up to buy a new washer in case this happens again.

I've also given the new modem/router-y thingo a go with some support over the phone. Apparently it's my computer that's causing most of the trouble. The problem is intermittent though so I'm going to persevere.

The next challenge is to go wireless.

...I want the world, I want the whole world...


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