Monday, August 28, 2006


(Traditional English greeting.)

I'm feeling a little more human today. The flight to London was fine and Boo was at Heathrow to meet us when we arrived at lunch time on Saturday. That meant I was able to hand over the care package (I laughed when I saw that there were six containers of hair mousse included!) from home and a big hug on behalf of Mum & Dad.

Boo is looking for a housemate at the moment as one of the people in her share-house has just moved out. They haven't found anyone suitable yet so it may work out that we can stay there for the week instead of booking into a hotel. More time with Boo! Yay!!

We managed to go to two pubs yesterday and are planning to go into town today once Logan's brother has finished getting organised for work on Tuesday (it's a Bank/Public Holiday here today which has worked out well). We neglected to remember that to use your credit card over here you need a PIN. Who remembers their Credit Card PIN when all you need to do in Australia is sign an authorisation slip? Of course, if we'd remembered this before we went away we still probably wouldn't have had time to get to the bank to get it all set up...

Anyway, it's still good. We're being very well looked after by my UK Mum & Dad and it's great to catch up with Logan's brother, Crockett and his girlfriend. Logan and Crockett are very much alike and we all seem to be able to get along well.

I was apologising in advance for any vague-outs as the jetlag is still having an effect - in fact, this whole post could be gobbledegook and I would have no idea at this point in time so apologies to anyone reading this!

I think it's time for a nice cup of tea before my brain decides to go off floating again. Then it's off to Marks & Spencer!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We are family

Now that we're going O/S the wheels are turning and planned events are slotting themselves into our limited timeline. We are informed that on one occasion we will be eating at The Golden Cross and we are to choose from the set menu. Looks pretty good. I'll probably need to add a restaurant review over here. Mental note to do that from somewhere...

Boo messaged me to say that she found a great deal for Wicked tickets and a meal for the low low price of 20 pound. (Sorry, can't remember right now how to make this thing do a pound sign.) I'm in!!

Choosing what to do in London is proving very difficult as Logan and I will obviously have different things we want to see. We do overlap quite a bit though so I'm sure we'll find a middle ground.

More later...

Friday, August 11, 2006


Welcome to the world a new baby brother, Jeremy, for my friend Josie-Bean!! Well done to Mum and Dad who were looking very tired when I dropped into the hospital to say hello and have a little cuddle last night after work. Mum's going to be in hospital until the weekend so she'll be able to get some well-earned rest before returning home.

He's gorgeous!