Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The North wind is tossing the leaves

The red dust is over the town...

Well, I'm back at work. It's a little quiet because there are no students and we are seeing less of the academic staff because it's a non-teaching week.

That doesn't mean that there's not a _lot_ of work to do.

I am feeling better able to face it all after my two weeks off (with one day back at work to complete a First Aid course) and I am going to have to lock myself in my office today to make sure that I get a couple of big reports done.

I need to remember to have my lunch today.

It's a good lunch too, so I should be prepared to make the effort. Sometimes it just doesn't happen.

I can't believe that it's two months to Christmas.

The sparrows are under the eaves, and the grass in the paddock is brown...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The World Revives

Colours renew...

This is the last "official" day of my holiday.

I'm pretty happy with what I have achieved and with what I haven't achieved.

I have stayed in my pajamas all day a couple more times, we did move the pile of green waste that we had been collecting in our back yard (be sure to comment, BEVIS, when you're over next), we still haven't decided on curtains or carpet colours/types but I'm sure that will happen soon.

My other half is happy because we have been many times to visit J.B. Hi-Fi in its many incarnations at shopping centres in our vicinity. I am happy because today we bought him some new clothes and he looks very handsome.

I have discovered Scrubs and I have rediscovered American Dreams, and that I love Dr Phil.

EG needs to have her wisdom teeth removed because she has referred pain and is having trouble hearing. Not good when you have just started a new job working in a call centre! Hope she gets booked in for surgery soon and feels better. I think she would feel 1,000 times better if right now she didn't have to pay $1,000+ to have it all done.

I also have a day to myself tomorrow as my other half has one of his meetings to go to. No it's nothing bad, it's just this... club that he belongs to where they collect... things.

I'm going shopping. Again. Whoo-hoo!

La vie Boheme!...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I Told You I Was Ill

But, in fact, I'm just on vacation...

Hello, yes, I'm on my holidays.

I have not gotten out of my pajamas all day on a couple of occasions until my other half sent me to the supermarket for supplies while he cleaned up the kitchen. We have been dealing with an infestation of ants that have turned up when the kitchen has actually been clean. Go figure. They've left their run a bit late if they wanted to catch our left over crumbs in the sink.

I have been shopping. Both at the local chopping centre and on the Internet. I love getting stuff in the mail. This time it will be shoes!

I have watched Muppet Show episodes up to the third one on the third disc starring Avery what-his-name.

We have hired a skip to throw out our green waste. I don't know how far I'm going to get with one for our hard waste, but there's still another week to go.

We've been out to carpet stores and brought back some samples to "argue" over. We've also been to curtain stores and brought back some samples to "argue" over.

We've been invited out to dinner on the same day that we're seeing Bevis and his Wifey by a group of friends that just can't seem to book us in time. So I've committed myself instead to having them all over for a Barbecue just so that I can say that I saw them this year.

A new wine shop, factory outlet, has opened near us and so we bought some. The store used to be a Bicycle shop that we were planning to visit and by a couple of bicycles from but now that it is a wine shop we have bought wine and will visit it again in the near future as my other half was impressed with the bottle he has opened so far.

I have played computer games and I've only cheated a little bit.

The only fly in my ointment is that I have to be back at work tomorrow to complete a Level 2 First Aid course.

I just checked my work email too which was a bad idea.

I'm a sucker for punishment.

Time to take the carpet and curtain samples back now before they send out a posse.

Because you've got to have friends, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Let's Start At The Very Beginning

That's a very good place to start...

Well, I had a lovely little story all written and then I thought I'd try out the spell-checker. My browser blocked a pop-up and then when I alllowed it it refreshed this page without saving and now I have no more time to write.


Oh, well. I guess it means that you'll just have to stop back later and have another squiz.

See you later, alligator...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Live In My House

I'll be your shelter...

Life is a very fragile and wonderful thing.

To those among you, my friends, who have lost someone dear recently my heart aches for you and the people you have lost.

Know that I love you and feel for you and will always be here if you need me.

Just pay me back in one thousand kisses...